About the championship

“Kolibri Europe Championship” – the Largest International Competition in Eyelash Exnensions

Championship locations:

Jurmala, Latvia, 1-3 June 2017
Location: Hotel Jurmala Spa & Conference Centre
Jomas Str. 47/49, Jurmala, LV-2015, Latvia.

Kolibri in EUROPE!

As is well known in the eyelash extension industry, after the finale of the International Eyelash Extension Charity Championship in year 2015, “Kolibri” has now finished its activity in Russia and now moved to Europe.

As we promised, the form of the event has undergone significant changes. For perfection, the sky’s the limit! Now, “Kolibri” is not a one-day competition, but a large festivity, lasting 4 whole days! The participants can now take part in pre-championship trainings, visiting masterclasses, conducted by largely renown proffessionals and genuine LASH-gurus. There will also be parties, a lot of pleasant surprises, and last, but deffinetely not least, a jovial Awards Ceremony!

In addition, we have introduced a number of new nominations, such as

  • Face art,
  • Bridal décor,
  • Lash Lamination,

as well as nominations for masters who favor Brows more than Lashes:

  • Brow décor
  • Brow revival

To give professional specialists the opportunity to receive a Prestigious Award in more directions the participants are now divided into 5 categories:

  • Junior masters – Young and willing professionals in the Lash industry now have a chance to present themselves and compete among equals
  • Masters – For those, whose certificates were given until april 2013, there is the classical Master competition
  • Expert – Masters with a standing of longer than three years, who have made a name in Eyelash Extensions, who consider themselves experts in technique now can clash in battle among compatable specialists
  • Pro – Masters who are capable enough to Train others
  • Top – The leading prize winning specialists, who have one more than 3 Award Cups, those, who are considered to be THE BEST in the industry

And most importantly: in each stage of the championship there are more than 100 Prized places!!! So many opportunities to demonstrate skills and realize professional ambitions have not been in any championship before!

What else is of paramount importance in a competition? Of course, the JUDGING! As tradition dictates, in the "Kolibri" championship the participants will be evaluated and the winners will be chosen by worthy World-Famous International-Class judges.

But that's not all innovations for "Kolibri Europe Championship»!

Also, as part of the championship, we will be holding The INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, where the best well-spoken and wise speakers from Europe and Russia will perform. We will touch on the most topical issues: trends, innovations, tricks of the trade.

This year we have really ambitious plans. We invite You to witness and be a part in the formation of the world's Largest competition in its field. Come, See and Win!

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